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Sarcoma Cup History

Results from the 2011 Sarcoma Cup are available.

A Sarcoma Cup event was first held on San Francisco Bay in 2008. BeatSarcoma envisioned an event which would appeal to both ultra-competitive one design sailors and more casual family sailors who just want to get out on the water and show their support. At the very end of 2007, BeatSarcoma, then only a few months old, first considered a regatta to raise awareness and money for sarcoma research. Though it was very late to try to find boats and a free summer weekend, they shopped the proposal around.

Richmond Yacht Club stepped up to the challenge and, in June 2008, hosted great buoy racing on Saturday and a bay-tour pursuit race on Sunday. Jerry Kermode, a master woodturner, created the Sarcoma Cup Perpertual Trophy, a beautiful wooden bowl created from a burl of walnut. A fantastic group of volunteers made everything work both on and off the water. Corporate donors stepped in and helped defray the costs of running the event, and we were very satisfied with both the racing and the increased awareness of sarcoma issues which resulted.

The 2008 event was dedicated to Andrew, fighting Osteosarcoma at 15 and still finding time and energy to help onsite. The winner of the pursuit race, Thomas Jenkins on the Express 27 Witchy Roman, had the honor of being the first name on the the plaque of the spectactular wooden perpetual trophy, handturned by master woodworker Jerry Kermode. Results are available at the Richmond Yacht Club website. Read our blog post and check out the event pictures.

In 2009, Richmond Yacht Club and its members again donated their time, facilities, and equipment (boats, etc.). Because of their very solid performance the first year, one design fleets had committed to show up this year. The racing and off-the-water activities were again wonderful, and several one design fleets immediately committed to the 2010 event. Results are again at RYC's website. Winds were brisk but not too heavy, and participation was 80 boats for Saturday and 69 for Sunday. You can see the shoreside event pictures and the on-the-water pictures.

2010 saw a move to Berkeley Yacht Club and an enthusiastic welcome by the Berkeley Harbor and other local establishments. Richmond YC continued to provide provide on-the-water support, joined by others such as South Beach Yacht Club. The event information, results, etc. may be found on the archived 2010 Sarcoma Cup page.